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Lovely Ladies Who Trim

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4 Pruning Techniques for the Michigan Marijuana Grower

Hi! This is Lynn and Brittany with Lovely Ladies Who Trim the most trusted traveling trim team in Michigan. We’ve been getting calls all summer about different pruning strategies for both Indoor and Outdoor grows and decided to put together a free news letter sharing 4 quick pruning techniques for the Michigan Marijuana grower. 

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What we do?!

Marijuana plant maintenance and packaging through out Michigan. We can handle any stage of the plants' lifecycle!! Please feel free to call us with any questions or set your APPOINTMENT NOW!!! 

Lovely Ladies Who Trim

Michigan, United States

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Fox News and NbC News feature lovely ladies who trim!!

Lynn and Brittany, the two owners of Lovely Ladies Who Trim, are shown here at the Clio Cultivation 420 Cup.  After doing extensive research and working several kinds of jobs in the marijuana industry they found an under served need for trimmers.  Lynn came up with the name Lovely Ladies in June 2018 and the Lovely Ladies Who Trim trusted traveling trim team was founded! We will have you trimmed and/or packaged Fast Clean and Secure!

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Sick of taking days to weeks trimming your Harvest!!  With multiple teams and over 50 Trusted Traveling Trimmers we can handle any size crop trimmed FASTER than you can say TRIMMING MADE EASY!! 


Don't trust trim machines or your unqualified friends to do all the work. Have my team of professional Lovely Ladies hand trim your crop to preserve all those potent trichomes and be left with Clean beautiful big buds!!


My Team is MMMP compliant and has over 50 years of combined trimming experience. Every trimmer is vetted first and only Management has access to the written address of the client's location for security. Save your Hands, Back and Sanity and let Lovely Ladies Who Trim knock out your harvest FAST CLEAN and SECURE!!