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Michigan, United States


Lovely Ladies Who Trim

Trusted Traveling Trimmers and Packaging in Michigan!!

How it works and FAQ


How it works?

  • First meet with management prior to day of job.  Management presents a checklist of what's needed from you that day, reviews full workload, and sets proper expectations.
  • Day of job Lovely Ladies Who Trim carpool and follow management to the trimming facility. Arrive at 9:30am sharp and work until 7:30pm or unless the job is completed earlier.
  • Lunch is provided, by the grower, to all trimmers for security.
  • Trim area clean up is provided with service.
  • Full payment mandatory same day.

What kind of food do I provide?

Lunch is required to be ordered, by the grower, before 1 pm so there are usually great lunch specials at local restaurants. The trimmers aren't picky. 

How can I trust the Trimmers?

Each trimmer is vetted before bringing them to any client site. Both their medical card and their state licenses are on file.  

How fast can they trim?

On average one trusted trimmer can trim 1 to 1.5  pounds every 5 to 6 hours.

When can you Start?!?!

Possibly tomorrow!! Give us a Call or Text at 248-622-2564 pr Set up an APPOINTMENT WITH US NOW!!